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For the Real or registered Id Cards, we enter all the information into the real database system and if the id card is verified using a data reading machine, all your information will reflect in the system and you can use it for legal purposes confidently.

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We also produce a Fake or unregistered Id card which just looks like the real id, but the downside of this document is that none of the information from the ID card will be entered in the real database system.

This fake copy will bear all the secret features and holograms of real ID card. So, we always recommend them to go for real documents only if they need it for legal purposes.

Our real ids are registered and can pass any level of data scanning and verification.

We have a strong and vast network of high ranking government personnel, investigators, and specialists in almost all areas where this crucial work of identity change or passport is performed in the listed countries.

With our strong connections with higher personnel, we are able to meet the demands of our clients pertaining to citizenship documents or passport for any country they need. Real Document For. Registered Genuine ID Cards for Sale

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